Anziehpuppen beim ZVAB finden


ZVAB steht für Zentrales Archiv für antiquarische Bücher und gehört seit 2011 über AbeBooks zu Amazon.

Es ist eine gute Möglichkeit ältere und gebrauchte Romane und Fachliteratur weltweit online ausfindig zu machen und zu erwerben. Bisher kaufte ich hier nur sehr selten Papierpuppenschätze. Die Preise für Anziehpuppen sind auch oft richtig gepfeffert bei den Antiquariaten, die hier ihre Angebote einstellen. Und niemals vergessen, dass oft außer den Versandkosten auch noch der Zoll seinen Anteil haben möchte, wenn du in den USA bestellst!


Doch im Augenblick ist das Angebot dort geradezu erschlagend.

UND, mein Herz hat fast ausgesetzt, denn es werden gerade einige antike und seltene Raritäten und auch wunderschöne handgemalte Unikate angeboten.

Ich weiß nicht, wessen grandiose Sammlung da versteigert wird, aber du findest im Moment, besonders in den USA, unglaublich schöne und seltene Anziehpuppen, die du - so wie ich - höchstwahrscheinlich noch nie gesehen hast und wahrscheinlich auch nie wiedersehen wirst, wenn sie demnächst wieder irgendwo in einer Privatsammlung verschwinden.


Du findest beim  ZVAB  natürlich nicht nur teure alte Bücher und Anziehpuppen, sondern auch oft aktuelle, noch lieferbare Titel aus dem In- und Ausland.

Heute muss ich dir unbedingt einige der handgemachten Schönheiten zeigen, die du gerade über das ZVAB aus den USA erwerben kannst. Leider handelt sich um richtig teure Papierantiqutäten, deren Preise sich (auch ohne Versandkosten und Einfuhrsteuer) zwischen 80 bis über 3000 Euro bewegen! Doch aus alten Autionskatalogen weiß ich, dass besonders alte Ankleidepuppen mit exzellent gestalteten historischen Kostümen oft horrende Preise erzielen. Aber mach dir doch selbst ein Bild, bewundere diese exquisiten Einzelstücke und schau dir die Preisvorstellungen beim ZVAB an. Ich hatte dort übrigens ganz gezielt nach handmade paper dolls gesucht und war dann völlig überwältigt.

handmade jenny lind paper doll

Originalbeschreibung beim ZVAB:

A 6" handmade pen and ink and watercolor Jenny Lind paper doll with 4 cut and one uncut costume. The uncut costume has two guards pencils in the background. Fine replicas copied from the Albert Davis Collection of prints. Johanna Maria Lind (6 October 1820 2 November 1887), better known as Jenny Lind, was a Swedish opera singer, often known as the "Swedish Nightingale". One of the most highly regarded singers of the 19th century, she performed in soprano roles in opera in Sweden and across Europe, and undertook an extraordinarily popular concert tour of America beginning in 1850. She was a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music from 1840.

handmade overlay costumes

Originalbeschreibung beim ZVAB:

A 3 1/8" somewhat naive watercolor paper doll drawn and cut from pith paper and applied to a plain paper backing. Also includes eight (8) different costumes of various nationalities including Old English, Bohemian, Polish, Circassian, Russian, Italian, Chinese and Prussian. Each in traditional attire with head ware. Each captioned at base.Reverse is blank. Overlays measure 5" x 3 1/2". Chips and wear to paper doll. Costumes with fine detail. Minor toning. One old repair on overlay. 1860s.

"Drake Shelbourne" - A handmade paper doll

Originalbeschreibung beim ZVAB:

A 7 3/4" tall watercolor paper doll. A tidy gent with broad-set eyes. His 11 costumes appear to be both contemporary to the 1940s while others are vintage. Four are labeled on reverse - lounge suit, yacht suit, full dress suit and tennis suit. Three fine hats accompany the outfits.

Historic watercolors paper doll costumes

Originalbeschreibung beim ZVAB:

A collection of seventeen hand-drawn watercolor costume designs for a paper doll, plus one additional unfinished design in pencil. The costumes, complete with headpieces, wigs, and other accessories, are well designed and skillfully colored, giving this handmade set a polished and professional look. The costumes are laid into a notebook, with the title of each design and the number of pieces carefully inked onto the pages. Covering a wide range of activities and locales, the sets include a Spartan virgin, a belle in the year 1775, a Florentine lady in a Carnival dress, a Quaker, Countess Hamilton in Charles's reign, a Florentine peasant, a Christian woman of Smyrna, an Otaheitan girl, and a lady in a riding habit. The unfinished costume, which is sketched in pencil and cut out, shows an outfit of trousers, a long military-style coat, and a top hat. There is also an extravagantly-adorned bonnet that may have been the start of another outfit, since it does not seem to match the other unfinished pieces. There is no doll, but that is likely because the set remains unfinished; the presence of an unfinished costume as well as the lack of tabs on the costume pieces suggests that the project was never completed. The notebook is red with gold trim and has holes in the front and the back cover for green cloth ties, cleverly secured by red heart-shaped cutouts inside the covers. Two hand-decorated paper labels adorn the notebook. On the back, the initials F. C. are surrounded by a laurel wreath. The front has a handwritten poem explaining that the changeability of woman, of which men so often complain, comes only from a "pure wish to please." Below the poem, in bold capitals, is the phrase "ECCE SIGNUM!" which means, "Here is the proof." The final page of the notebook is folded such that it could serve as a holding place for loose pieces, though one side is now detached. Cover worn, as expected, and the ties and sections of trim are missing. The pages, however, are clean and sound, and the costume designs are in fine condition. ( Wohl um 1810 entstanden und, wenn ich es richtig verstehe, 17 Kostüme OHNE PUPPE???)

Marie Antoinette Style Paper Doll

Originalbeschreibung beim ZVAB:

An elegantly designed 6 1/8" handmade watercolor paper doll in the style of Marie Antoinette and her eight (8) elaborately detailed costumes, six (6) with accompanying hats. Predominantly court dresses; one is "playing a guitar". Reverse is blank. "Marie Antoinette paper dolls - Costumes copied from portraits and paintings" penned on envelope the paper doll was found in. (Wohl um 1900 entstanden.)

1850s fashion Style Handmade paper dolls

Originalbeschreibung beim ZVAB:

Four (4) original watercolor designs are attributed to Jane Langton while a graduate student at Radcliffe. Although not signed they were given to the previous owner by Ms. Langton as her work. Finely detailed well executed art. Created on art board, each measures 12" x 8 1/2". Jane Gillson Langton (1922-) is an American writer and author of children's literature and mystery novels. She both writes and illustrates her novels. Previous owner indicated they came with a note "I made these tiresomely stylized dolls when a graduate student at Radcliffe, about 1946".

Sleeping Beauty - Seltene und geprägte Dornröschen Anziehpuppe

Originalbeschreibung beim ZVAB:

No. 74350. An embossed die-cut litho on heavy card paper doll or pretend play set. It includes two (2) 8" dolls Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming. They are shown in scenes as adolescents and youong adults. The adolescent scene he sleeps adjacent she on a fainting couch. They each have three (3) full costumes with additional hats and collars. Also includes back drops, spinning wheel and other accessories. Appears complete.

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Sleeping beauty - Seltene Dorröschen Anziehpuppe von McLoughlin Bros., New York

Originalbeschreibung beim ZVAB:

A 10 1/2" x 10 1/2" uncut sheet with a 5 3/4" Sleeping Beauty paper doll seated at a chair with a spinning wheel attached. 4 outfits and a tiara. Reverse is blank. (1910-1913)

Female National Costumes uf Europe (um 1840)

Originalbeschreibung beim ZVAB:

A set including two (2) single-sided 6 3/4" female paper dolls and eight (8) costumes depicting regional variances from various nations in Europe. Each of the costumes is lithograph with an egg wash finish. Also includes a 6" x 8 1/2" sheet depicting all eight costumes, again with egg wash finish and the name of the country printed in English, German, French and Italian. The countries include Spain, Hungary, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Holland and France. The original box is lacking. 

The Girl´s Delight von 1858

Originalbeschreibung beim ZVAB:

Verlag: Clark, Austin & Smith 1858-1860, New York, 1858

A 5 5/8" tall paper doll. The arms, head and upper torso are color printed, the remainder is blank by design. She holds a folded fan in her hand. Four (4) elaborate hand finished costumes and one shawl. With original envelope. Story with moral printed on front. NELLIE - a youong lady of the "upper ten," --- with dresses, &c. sufficient in number and elegance for a prince of "the blood."Nellie has reached the age when mothers must "look out" for their daughters, unless they wish some youngster to come along and snatch them away, and take them off out West, or some where else, just as it happened to my friend Nellie. A nice young man saw her, "was captivated by her many charms -- as will he might be -- and now she is gone. Her mother has just discovered that she cannot spare her.MORAL. Mothers must beware of "the Beaux," before it is too late. Illustration - Howard p.23 Neck bend; hand reinforcement. Small area of discoloration; one costume.

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Scarce - The Virtuous Girl with 2 Two-Sided Paper Dolls and 8 Costumes

scarce - the virtuous girl (two-sided)

Originalbeschreibung beim ZVAB:

Verlag: H. F. Muller 1840-1850, Vienna Austria, 1840

In the traditional German manner of the day the the set includes two (2) identical 6 3/4" paper dolls and eight (8) two-sided costumes. Each costume is printed on polished paper and involves an activity. Light egg wash finish. The costumes were dubbed Pretty, Diligence, Applications, Patience, Clemency, Mansuetude, Candor and Sincerity. The costumes depict womanwith exuberant baby in cradle holding a bookholding a satchel and hankyholding a watering can and garden rakeholding a pot with a seated shepherd boy on reversewith a dog at her feetholding a lamb with lamb at her feet on reverse.holding a doveIncludes two (2) hats. Each of the costumes is numbered. Charming and dear. Information found in Howard p.279 An example of this doll was found in a German museum in the 1960s and included information on the publisher and costume labeling. Box is lacking. Light to moderate wear.

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